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Seminar Archives

  • May 16, 2020

If you missed our Zoom presentation on A New Beginning: How to Re-open Your Business with Bankruptcy Protection with Thomas R. Davis and Mary Kate Ephraim, we have the recorded session below. To download the PPT presentation, please click here.

About the seminar:

What will the “new normal” look like for Hudson Valley companies when we start to re-open? No one can say for sure but being prepared can help. Join Thomas R. Davis and Mary K. Ephraim from SRDD Law for an informative Zoom discussion walking business owners and managers through possible scenarios.

What does “open” look like in the next 3, 6, or 12 months? Discussion points may include:

  • What is bankruptcy?
  • What timeline might you expect as a debtor or a creditor in a small business bankruptcy case in the coming months?
  • What information should you be prepared to provide if you are or become a debtor or creditor in a small business bankruptcy case?
  • Possible ways to handle outstanding payments to vendors, suppliers and landlords.
  • What your employees may expect if your company files a bankruptcy case.

Whether you are a restaurant, a small business, a hotel or service provider, you won’t want to miss this session. Contact our office if you need additional information.


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