SRDD Law obtains Jury verdict in favor of injured pedestrian walking in “unmarked crosswalk.”

SRDD Law achieves wrongful death settlement for four minutes of pain and suffering prior to death in car/truck crash.

SRDD Law achieves settlement obtained for woman injured in rear-end collision suffering multiple back injuries.

SRDD Law achieves settlement for woman injured in fall over a sprinkler head incurring multiple facial injuries and fractures.

SRDD Law achieves substantial settlement for motorcycle rider suffering traumatic brain injury after struck by delivery van.

SRDD Law achieves wrongful death settlement for bicyclist struck by car on snowy road.

Defendant settles with SRDD Law client – widow of man killed in cross-over accident on snowy roads.



SRDD Law client settles wrongful death action against Emergency Room physician facing multiple state charges of gross negligence.

Lost lab results showing fatal illness results in settlement for SRDD Law client.

Substantial settlement for missed diagnosis of Slipped Capital Femoral Ephysis in young boy with hip defect.



SRDD Law wins a 1.2 M life insurance policy case at the Appellate Division after the insurance company cancelled a life insurance policy for failure to pay the premium.

SRDD Law enforces stipulation and judgment of divorce at the Appellate Division in collection action by wife.

SRDD Law wins land boundary dispute trial concerning subdivisions borders dating back to the 1800s.

SRDD Law wins judgment declaring AirBnB use of residential-restricted property is lawful in Columbia County.

SRDD Law successfully dissolves gas station real estate LLC, ejects 50% member/partner from the premises, obtains real estate via judicial auction, collects $150,000 settlement of breach of fiduciary duty claim from ejected 50% member/partner.

SRDD Law obtains money judgment for employee’s withheld commissions despite employer’s claim/defense of the employee’s breach of a non-compete agreement

SRDD wins restraining order and injunction enforcing non-solicitation-of-customers agreement against company’s former employee who tried to steal customers.

SRDD Law wins summary judgment dismissing daughter’s will contest proceeding attempting to undo mother’s wishes and estate planning.

SRDD Law wins appointment of a receiver to take judicial control and ownership of disputed Italian restaurant. Obtained judgments in the total amount of $195,000

SRDD Law forces equitable buy-out of minority member of LLC.

SRDD Law obtains judgment of dissolution of family corporation triggering a favorable settlement of distribution of assets.

SRDD Law obtained order dismissing all claims of personal liability and piercing the corporate veil in action by creditors against a business.

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